Response to CDF’s request for feedback on ADF employment offer

Last year the Chief of Defence Force requested feedback from members and families on the ADF employment offer modernisation. This month Defence are holding ADF Employment Offer Modernisation Workshops around the country to allow members and families to provide feedback and innovative ideas for improvements on what modern ADF pay and conditions should/would look like. I made a written submission last year which covered the following broad recommendations:

  1. Expand employment assistance for ADF partners that addresses the challenges associated with deployment and other absences from home as well as relocation.
  2. Facilitate shared domestic responsibility in ADF households.
  3. Design leave and pay allowances for relocation that more accurately reflect the amount of work involved in relocating (rather than the current model that sees ADF partners shoulder much of the workload).
  4. Provide housing in areas that make employment and a good quality of life accessible for both the ADF member and the ADF partner.

I’ve attached the full submission below (which was written rather quickly hence the grammatical and formatting errors!)

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