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Employers around the world are beginning to recognise the many benefits of hiring from the military spouse community. This vastly untapped pool of talent have the skills and attributes which will add value to your organisation. Recruiting from the military spouse community could give your business the edge it needs in a competitive environment.
I can help you fully understand the business case for hiring military spouses, help you understand how military spouse applications may present differently to those of other applicants, help you build a military spouse recruiting strategy and train your staff to avoid common pitfalls in the recruitment process that may see you overlook a high-value candidate.
Military spouse recruiting is “the next frontier,” because corporations are realizing this untapped resource demonstrates flexibility, tenacity and resiliency. – Rachel Book, associate director of global talent attraction and diversity at AT&T via New York Post.
I have been involved in veteran and spouse employment in Australia and overseas for the past 6 years. I have an in-depth understanding of the business value of military spouses and can draw on my knowledge of international practices to help employers recruit and retain military spouse talent.
I am pleased to have worked with Defence Families of Australia to design their “Defence Partner Friendly” self-identifying checklist for employers.
Read more about ADF partners as a Defence Industry workforce solution in this Defence Connect article.
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