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Hiring from the ADF partner community could be the recruiting edge you’re looking for!

Employers around the world are beginning to recognise the many benefits of hiring from the military spouse community. This vastly untapped pool of talent have the skills and attributes which will add value to your organisation. Recruiting from the military spouse community could give your business the edge it needs in a competitive environment.

Military spouses possess “skills and advantages, which are required in a modern business” (enei, 2015).

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Military spouse recruiting is “the next frontier,” because corporations are realizing this untapped resource demonstrates flexibility, tenacity and resiliency.- Rachel Book, associate director of global talent attraction and diversity at AT&T via New York Post.

Do you want to learn more about the military spouse community in Australia and how they may be the employees you need? Have you considered how being “military friendly” could help your business?

 Benefits of hiring military spouses:

  • Organised, resilient, flexible, adaptable, community-minded, resourceful and team-oriented are just some of the terms used to describe military spouses. Their recognised skills include organising, prioritising, problem solving, cultural awareness, networking, communication, leadership and a strong work ethic.
  • Multiple relocations across a variety of states and countries has exposed military spouses to a myriad of people, cultures and work practices from which they develop highly effective interpersonal, intercultural and communication skills in addition to their occupation specific skills.
  • The military spouse population is diverse and spouses have a wide range of skills.
  • Military spouses are renowned for jumping right in, learning new skills quickly and getting on with the job.
  • 300+ US companies can’t be wrong!
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What Next?

I am pleased to have worked with Defence Families of Australia to create a checklist for employers on what makes an “ADF partner-friendly” employer. For more information on DFA’s program to educate Australian businesses on what they can do to recruit, hire and retain Defence partners as valuable employees please go to Defence Families Australia’s partner employment website

Click here to learn more about Defence Families of Australia‘s “ADF partner-friendly employer” program and start benefiting from hiring from this skilled and resourceful talent pool.  

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