Australian Institute of Family Studies 2020 Conference Poster

I’ll be presenting an e-poster at the 2020 AIFS Conference titled ADF Partner Employment – what’s changed in 30 years? in which I’ll be looking at how society and partner employment has changed since the Hamilton Report of 1986 and my current work in 2020.

Five Eyes Meeting on Military Spouse Employment

In May 2020 I’ll be attending the inaugural Five Eyes Meeting on Military Spouse Employment in The Hague, Netherlands. I’ll be sharing my insight from my Churchill Fellowship to stakeholders from Canada, USA, UK and Australia.

Meeting with ACT Veterans Advisory Council

In June 2019 I presented to the ACT Veterans Advisory Council on the importance of ADF partner employment to successful transition from the ADF and on the importance of partner employment to the local ACT economy, including some suggestions on how to facilitate ADF partner employment in the ACT.

Webinar: Career Support for ADF Partners

In November 2018 I was pleased to host the webinar “Career Support for ADF Partners” on behalf of the Career Development Association of Australia (CDAA) in conjunction with Defence Community Organisation (DCO) and Defence Families of Australia (DFA).

You can access the slides and webinar audio recording from the DFA website at

Submission to the Parliamentary Inquiry into ADF Transition 

In July 2018 I made a submission to the Parliamentary Inquiry into transition from the Australian Defence Force outlining the importance of ADF partner employment to ADF families in preparing for and experiencing a successful transition and post-ADF lifestyle. You can read the submission here 

Defence Partner Friendly Employment Program

I am pleased to have worked with Defence Families of Australia to create a checklist for employers on what makes an “ADF partner-friendly” employer. For more information on DFA’s program to educate Australian businesses on what they can do to recruit, hire and retain Defence partners as valuable employees please go to Defence Families Australia’s partner employment website

More Information

If you would like to learn more about military spouse employment or would like advice or assistance on a military spouse employment project please email