Australian Institute of Families Studies (AIFS) Conference 2022 e-poster presentation

Thank you for visiting my e-poster at AIFS 22. You can view the presentation on the AIFS e-poster website. Click HERE

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To help further explain the content of my poster I’ve provided some further information below:

Here are some further resources and links to references used in the presentation:

My Churchill Fellowship report on military partner employment. You can learn more about Churchill Fellowships here

The International Military Spouse Employment Summit that I hosted in November 2019

The National Careers Institute

Career Development Association of Australia

Canadian Ombudsman’s Report “On the Homefront”

Career Industry Council of Australia (including Professional Standards for career practitioners, and CICA Guiding Principles for Career Development Services and Career Information Products

Australian Blueprint for Career Development

ICCDPP Communique 2019. Leading career development services into an uncertain future: ensuring access, integration and innovation

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Hooley, T (2021). Why we need to share our ideas about connecting career development to social justice. CERIC blog