Swag : a traveler’s bundle of personal belongings; valuable goods


Hi, my name is Amanda and I am the owner and operator of Career Swag. I am  passionate about helping clients create meaningful and satisfying careers.  I offer a range of career services for individuals including resume writing, LinkedIn profiles, and addressing selection criteria. I specialise in marketing and translating skills gained in all facets of paid and unpaid work and provide specialised services to military spouses and accompanying partners, mums returning to work, transitioning military and veterans. I am also passionate about advocating the valuable skills and employability of military and mobile job seekers to employers. At Career Swag the bottom line is my clients and the achievement of our mission to see people achieve satisfying careers and employment.

About Me

Like so many of my clients I have had a varied and interesting career life! As a mother, a military spouse and someone with varied interests my career life has spanned different fields and periods in and out of paid work. My passion for helping people, my interest in social justice and my love of research has led to my perfect fit as a Career Development Practitioner!

I have moved around Australia and between Australia and the USA many times as a military spouse. I understand what it is like to move frequently and the impact this has on your career life. I also understand the valuable skills these experiences develop. It is this experience and my advocacy work with other military spouses that led me to pursue a career in career development! I enjoy helping spouses understand and market their valuable skills are and understand how their varied experiences bring value to employers. I also work tirelessly to bring the challenges of military spouse employment to attention of government and industry in an effort to see improved and targeted assistance for spouses and help level the playing field with their civilian counterparts.

I am also very proud of our military personnel (many of my family members including my husband and brother serve in Australia and the USA) and I am proud to be able to assist them in their transition into civilian employment when the time comes. I work extensively with veterans and transitioning military to translate their military skills to the civilian market and help them understand what civilian employers are looking for and how they can market their many valuable skills to them. I have assisted many military spouses and veterans both in Australia and the USA understand and market their valuable skills to potential employers and I am passionate about assisting this population find career success and satisfaction.

I am also proud to be part of the global I Am A Triangle community that provides a valuable network for those who have lived in different countries and a place where they can share their knowledge and experience.

When choosing someone to assist you with career planning and your job search you want to be confident that you are in good hands.  As a member of the Career Development Association of Australia (CDAA) and the National Career Development Association (NCDA) I am qualified and committed to meeting the professional standards of the industry including adhering to a strict code of ethics and participating in ongoing professional development.

To learn more about me visit my  LinkedIn page 




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