Career Portfolios

I love the idea of keeping a career portfolio.

Career portfolios are a collection of all your career-related information: qualification certificates, academic transcripts, copies of your resume, CPD records, course attendance, references, awards and other recognition, your list of submitted job applications, goal setting, career ideas and plans, projects you’ve worked on, volunteer work you’ve performed, career journals, etc.

They are a great way of having all your information on hand to craft a high quality job application and present supporting information for awards/salary negotiations/promotions etc. They are also a great way of reminding yourself of all you’ve achieved and still want to achieve and a way to provide you with career inspiration.

Your career portfolio is a reflection of your career and contains info from all your work, learning and leisure activities. And just like your career they are a work in progress. They can take many different forms. Mine is an expanding document file.

Check out this great article by myfuture about career portfolios. And if you have questions or would like help putting one together get in touch with me.

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