Generation Equality for Military Partners

Defence love to talk about next generation fighter aircraft, warships and vehicles. It’s high time we had a discussion about “next generation families” particularly by paying greater attention to the impact service life has on the partners of service members – the overwhelming majority of whom are women – particularly with respect to employment. … More Generation Equality for Military Partners

Response to CDF’s request for feedback on ADF employment offer

Last year the Chief of Defence Force requested feedback from members and families on the ADF employment offer modernisation. This month Defence are holding ADF Employment Offer Modernisation Workshops around the country to allow members and families to provide feedback and innovative ideas for improvements on what modern ADF pay and conditions should/would look like. … More Response to CDF’s request for feedback on ADF employment offer

A Force To Be Reckoned With #3

Career Stories from ADF Partners There is an enormous amount of talent, creativity, grit and determination in the Australian Defence Force (ADF) spouse/partner community. Not to mention incredible stories of partners adapting to changing circumstances, making the most of new opportunities that come their way, and not just surviving but thriving in the face of … More A Force To Be Reckoned With #3

Military spouse employment and veteran transition

Today I’m sharing an email I sent to Instinct and Reason Research who are undertaking research on behalf of the Department of Veteran Affairs on members transitioning from the ADF. “I would like to make a submission to the research being conducted on the transition of ADF members and their families. I am a the spouse … More Military spouse employment and veteran transition

Military Spouse Employment in Australia

Military spouse employment is a hot topic in the UK and the USA with the issues and concerns taken seriously by leaders. Military spouses in both countries have access to a number of government and non-government programs and initiatives to overcome the challenges associated with relocation and the frequent and lengthy absences from home of their serving member … More Military Spouse Employment in Australia