Families in Global Transition

Ever feel like you are the only one living the way your are?  You’re not! This weekend I had the privilege of attending and presenting at the 2015 Families in Global Transition conference in the Washington D.C area.  This amazing group of people is made up of globally mobile individuals, their families, and those who serve them.  This is no ordinary group but rather a collection of very insightful people who really understand the mobile lifestyle, who aim to support each other and who strive to make the world a better place by sharing what they have learned from living in different countries and cultures.  I was emotionally and intellectually challenged and inspired and I left there richer in knowledge and spirit. photo 1 You can view a slide version of my presentation “Home is Where the Air Force Sends You” here. In this presentation I use Nancy Schlossberg‘s Theory of Transition to illustrate all the factors that come into play when we move from one place to another, why some moves easier than others and why different people will experience moves differently. I was fortunate to be given a signed copy of Marilyn Gardner’s book “Between Worlds. Essays on Culture and Belonging” from the wonderful author herself. You can buy the book  from Amazon by clicking here.   I also recommend following Marilyn’s blog Communicating Across Boundaries. photo 2

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