Resume layouts to suit your circumstances



If you’ve read my other columns on resumes (you really should!) you’ll know I’m a big fan of the combination resume for workers like us who move in and out of jobs due to our mobile lifestyle. You can read more about the different types of resumes and the benefits of a combination resume here. I’ve also talked about tailoring your resume. Part of tailoring your resume is structuring your resume to highlight your suitability for the job and this in part depends on your circumstances.We may all be mobile but we’re a diverse bunch. Some of you may be returning to work after a long absence, some of you may have just completed a degree or diploma and are now looking for work and some may be looking for work in a new field.

Here are some suggested resume layouts for different circumstances. Arrange the sections of your resume to highlight your main selling points and minimize any problem areas.

Standard layout (also suits career changers and those re-entering the workforce)

Professional Summary

Skills and Qualifications Summary

Professional Experience

Community engagement/volunteer work


Other relevant info

Recent Graduates (any age!) 

Professional Summary

Skills and Qualifications Summary



Professional experience

Community Engagement/Volunteer work

Other Relevant Info


Professional Summary

Professional Experience

Professional Associations

Licensing and certification (optional depending on job)

Awards/Career Achievement Highlights


Remember- there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” resume.  If you want an attention grabbing resume that highlights your best selling points contact us today at



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