5 LinkedIn tips when you’ve received orders


It’s approaching summer in the northern hemisphere so many military and expat families are receiving their orders and getting ready to move.  It’s a busy time but there are some quick things you can do with your LinkedIn profile to get ready for your move and the job search ahead. Remember, look ahead when it comes to LinkedIn.

1. Update your location

Once you’ve received your orders update your LinkedIn profile location so that recruiters searching on LinkedIn know you’re in the area. Many employers prefer local candidates and may start their search local before expanding .

2. Follow companies in your new area.

Do some research on companies in your new area. Identify the ones you’d like to work for and start “following”them to learn more about them and keep up to date (especially with vacancies).

3. Reach out to your  network

Look at your LinkedIn contacts and identify which ones are located in your new location and/or have some kind of connection with the companies you’re interested in. Reach out and ask them for an introduction. Ask your network for recommendations based on the skills and accomplishments you want to showcase to potential employers.

4. Update your headline and summary

Check your headline and summary to make sure you’ll be easily found.  Your headline and summary should be attention grabbing and describe what your value to a potential employer is and should contain keywords they are searching for.  If you are openly seeking employment say so but make sure you’re still highlighting your value to employers i.e what’s in it for them if they hire you?

5. Be active!

Comment in groups, share posts and if you have the time (!) self-publish an article using LinkedIn’s “publish a post” link.

Of course this list is not exhaustive!  If you would like personalized assistance in optimizing your LinkedIn profile, updating your resume or assistance with your job search email me at careerswag@gmail.com

LinkedIn infographic

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