CDAA Awards for Excellence 2019

I was honored and humbled to be awarded the Career Development Association of Australia Award for Excellence in Policy (Individual) at the 2019 CDAA Conference held in Canberra last month in recognition of my policy work involving military spouse career development. CDAA’s vision is a career development profession recognized for excellence and valued by all … More CDAA Awards for Excellence 2019

Military partners as a Defence Industry workforce solution

Defence industry can benefit from recruiting from the ADF partner talent pool as part of efforts to grow its workforce to meet the demands associated with the government’s $200 billion investment in defence capability Read more about why ADF partners are a workforce solution for Australia’s Defence Industry. Link to the article in Defence Connect.

Diverse City Careers and military spouses are a great fit

  UPDATE: Diverse City Careers is now Work180. Click here for the new website For most women I know juggling the demands of work and family has a big impact on career. Military spouses face the additional challenges of having a partner with inflexible and demanding work hours and frequent and/or lengthy absences from home. Frequent … More Diverse City Careers and military spouses are a great fit

Military spouse employment and veteran transition

Today I’m sharing an email I sent to Instinct and Reason Research who are undertaking research on behalf of the Department of Veteran Affairs on members transitioning from the ADF. “I would like to make a submission to the research being conducted on the transition of ADF members and their families. I am a the spouse … More Military spouse employment and veteran transition

New Year, new location, new job? How to prepare over the holidays.

It’s that magical time of the year. Yes, it’s Christmas and the holiday season but if you’re an Australian military family it may also be posting time. Many people around the country are currently finalizing inventories and watching their belongings being loaded on to trucks headed for a new adventure. For spouses this may also mean … More New Year, new location, new job? How to prepare over the holidays.

Military Spouse Employment in Australia

Military spouse employment is a hot topic in the UK and the USA with the issues and concerns taken seriously by leaders. Military spouses in both countries have access to a number of government and non-government programs and initiatives to overcome the challenges associated with relocation and the frequent and lengthy absences from home of their serving member … More Military Spouse Employment in Australia

5 LinkedIn tips when you’ve received orders

It’s approaching summer in the northern hemisphere so many military and expat families are receiving their orders and getting ready to move.  It’s a busy time but there are some quick things you can do with your LinkedIn profile to get ready for your move and the job search ahead. Remember, look ahead when it comes to LinkedIn. … More 5 LinkedIn tips when you’ve received orders

Gaps in your resume

Okay, let’s hit the bane of the accompanying partner or traveler’s resume existence- gaps in your resume. First off though I’m going to rephrase this.  You do not have gaps in your resume; you have gaps in your employment history.  Unless you’ve been living in a cave my guess is you’ve developed skills and experience … More Gaps in your resume

Job Search Strategies Part One- Target preferred employers

I’m writing today’s post in response to some posts on a military spouse social media site (big shout out to you awesome spouses!) about the frustrating process of applying for numerous jobs advertised on some of the big job sites and not only not getting an interview (let alone a job) but not even hearing … More Job Search Strategies Part One- Target preferred employers