The Guilt of Stability

I wanted to share a post that resonated with me today by author Marilyn Gardner. I loved her distinction between being stable and being stagnant.

Marilyn R. Gardner

stability with quote

We have lived longer in the condo where we’re currently living than any other place we’ve ever lived. This hit me recently. Hard.

“No wonder I feel restless!” I said to someone who would listen. “I’ve never worked at a job as long as I have this one, I’ve never gone so long without rearranging the furniture, without looking at places to move”

But I don’t only feel restless — I feel almost guilty that we’re ‘stable’. It caught me like a steel trap, vice-like in its intensity. I felt guilty for being stable, for not having tickets purchased, a move on the calendar. I felt the guilt of stability.

Because too often I make the third culture kid mistake of equating stability with stagnancy.If I am stable it must mean my life is unexciting, boring. If I am stable I must be doing something wrong. If I buy a…

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